new FIRST CIRCULAR-38TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF IABMS new FABMS APPLICATION FORM new "The last date for receipt of applications/nominations for various awards instituted by IABMS is extend to 30th September, 2017, as per the decision of E.C. of IABMS". new "Please down load the application format for award of FABMS Title and send the duly filled in application along with fee (Rs.5,000/-) to the General Secretary, IABMS, for consideration"  

General Conditions

  • Only the members (Life and Annual members) of IABMS will be considered for the awards specified above.


  • The papers submitted for awards should not have been submitted for any prize or already have been awarded any prize in any other symposia or conference. The research work must have been done in India and not any other country. A separate declaration, indicating that the manuscript has not been submitted for any other award and work done in India must be sent along with the covering letter while submitting the manuscripts for consideration of awards
  • Three hard copies and a soft copy (in CD) must be submitted to the General Secretary, IABMS on or before 15th September 2011. The award for which the research manuscript is sent must be clearly specified in the covering letter. Please note that the award papers will be considered only for the prize for which they apply. Research manuscripts submitted with the statement ” For any suitable prize” will be rejected.
  • The paper should be certified by the Head of the department and the Head of the institution to the effect that the work was carried out by the author at the institution.
  • The authors are advised to submit preferably single author paper and if it is a team work, a consent letter from co-authors indicating their acceptance for considering the first author for the award should be enclosed along with the paper.
  • In case an author submits one paper for different prizes and if he/she is chosen for more that one award, the executive committee holds the discretion to decide which prize is to be awarded for such author. On any one occasion, no author will be awarded with more that one prize.
  • The papers submitted for the various awards will be critically evaluated by a committee of experts in the concerned subject appointed by the executive committee for the association, along with one nominee of the donor of the award, and their decision is final. The papers that scored below 60 % of the valuation will not be considered for the respective award
  • The selected papers of the respective awards will be published in the journal “Biomedicine” if submitted in the format prescribed in biomedicine. The paper for publication should not ordinarily contain more that 2500 words. The format of the paper should confirm to the specification of biomedicine.
  • The eminent scientist nominated for the award No. 1 will be invited to deliver the oration at the inaugural function of the annual conference. Awards for 11,13,14 & 17 are only by nominations.
  • The Awardees of the other prizes will be invited to present their papers during the “Prize paper session” at the annual conference.
  • The awardees should present the prize paper in the prize paper session of the conference meant for that year and he/she will not be awarded the prize or allowed to present the paper in the subsequent conferences. The awardees will loose prize if he/she does not present the prize paper at the annual conference for that year of the conference.
  • A Scientist who has received any one of the above awards from IABMS can compete for any one of the other IABMS awards only after 3 years.
  • The papers submitted for the various prizes will not be returned to authors. Only the authors who have been awarded the prize will be intimated, under the condition that their full paper shall have to be published in the journal “Biomedicine”.The authors of the unselected paper may submit their manuscript for publication after due peer review.
  • All entries and correspondence regarding the awards and prizes should be addressed to Dr. M.A. Hussain, General Secretary, IABMS, No.24, Saaranga Avenue Main street, old perungalathur, Chennai – 600 063, e-mail: Mobile No: 09840247028, 09444060988.Please give wide publicity of these awards in your institution and the neighboring departments and institutions.