About Us

IABMS was shaped in the year 1979 in Dr ALMPGIBMS, University of Madras, Taramani Campus, Chennai. The acclaimed neurosurgeon, Prof. Dr. B. Ramamurthy was the principal President and Prof. Dr. S. Sarada Subramanyam, was the principal General Secretary of IABMS. The chief goal of IABMS was to support, advance and progress interdisciplinary co-operation amongst biomedical researchers.

To cite the expressions of Prof. Dr. K. Madhavan Kutty, an organizer individual from IABMS,”When IABMS was begun, we were all author individuals from the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists. We thought about how the new affiliation would go along. In any case, we realized that it was a felt need around then as a typical stage for every biomedical office including the medicinal resources and different fields of science. It has ended up being an extremely healthy exertion. As Henry David Thoreau has said in Walden Pond, ‘more intense than a thousand armed forces is a thought which has come to in time’ and undoubtedly the development of IABMS is a case of this”.

IABMS was begun just with a modest bunch of individuals in 1979 however today (as on March, 2012), it has 1058 individuals conveyed broadly crosswise over various topographical areas of India furthermore abroad. IABMS now has an estimable history of commitment to different boondocks of biomedical sciences for as far back as 33 years – and it would keep on growing more grounded.